Sunday, May 25, 2008

Binaural Beats - Episode 5

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Every week I'm doing something different with the show.

1. The Avalanches - Etoh
(Turntables and Polyrhythms)

2. Four Tet - And They all Look Broken Hear
(Again, cannot get enough polyrhythms)

3. Timebox - Beggin'
(Disco is The Producers Era)

4. The Mar-Kays - Pop-Eye Stroll
(The Mar-Kays all play with an incredible feel)

5. The Zombies - Butcher's Tale
(This song is just creepy. I find the way that they speed up the vocal/pitch change in the chorus intriguing and kind of bizarre)

6. Beach Boys - I guess I just wasn't made for these times (Acapella)
(I recently came across the Pet Sounds Acapellas and I wanted to share some, you can really hear the intricate harmonies and nuances of their voices, it's incredible and sometimes a little humorous)

7. Jackson & His Computer Band - Radio Caca

8. DJ Spooky - Babylon Burning Dub

9. Woody Guthrie - California Blues
(When I first heard Woody Guthrie I thought I found the truth, now I listen to him and realize that the guitar is all out of tune and the singin' is all whiskeyed up! It is all part of the intrigue of the man)

10. Beach House - Gila
(Simple rhythms, dreamy soundscapes and melodies that push the song forward)

11. M83 - Unrecorded
(Well, don't you want to play with synthesizers all day?)

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