Monday, March 17, 2008

Binaural Beats - A Weekly Podcast Dedicated to Your Overall Alleviation!! - Episode 3

Hey, I posted a new podcast today. This weeks episode is entitled "Microphone Check, 1, 2" Like those guys at the punk rock show do. You should download it cause it compiles the creative minds of:

1. Eno & Byrne "Very, Very Hungry"
2. High Places "Universal"
3. MGMT "Electric Feel"
4. The Tough Alliance "Neo Violence"
5. Moondog "Trees Against the Sky"
6. Moondog "Surf Session"
7. Soft Machine "As Long As He Lies a Perfectly Shaped S"
8. Zongamin "Tunnel Music"
9. Relay "Context"
10. Holy Fuck "The Pulse"
11. Jamie T "Pace Maker"
12. El Guincho "Palmitos Park"
13. Leo Kottke "Busted Bicycle"
14. The Eels "3 Speed"

Have fun.

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